Find out what they want and give it to them

You may well have come across the original quote from Steve Jobs, but do you use it in your business?

Do you actually ask your clients what support, advice, services they need or do you just assume?

My clients don’t want a business plan.

My clients think we provide that already, so they won’t pay for it.


These are two comments I’ve heard recently from more than one accountant.

They’ve assumed clients don’t want – or what they really mean is – won’t pay for these services.

Well, they will want and pay for them if you give them a proper chance to decide.

Work out how you can demonstrate the value these services provide and then talk about them in conversations with clients.

Explain how you’ve helped other business owners with these services, talk about the benefits.

Use the example of your own business – after all you wouldn’t try and sell a service you don’t use on your own business…

…would you…

So, go on, jump in you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Finding out what other accountants have done and are doing to overcome these types of issues is central to what we do in our Accountants Mastermind Groups. Getting input from your peers to your very real issues, problems, dilemmas is a great way to give you the confidence to move your business forward.

If you’d like to find out more about how our Accountants Mastermind groups work, please get in touch.

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