We’re here to help accountants START! running the practice they want the way they want

Right now in 2022, I believe there has never been a better time to run an accountancy practice. The improvements in technology and the digitalisation of the tax system in the UK means that there is going to be huge disruption in the sector.

The cloud has brought real time accounts systems which enable tech savvy, commercially focused accountants to deliver the level of service to businesses which far exceed the service levels of ‘traditional’ accountancy firms. That is those who haven’t embraced the cloud, don’t have the commercial experience and aren’t agile enough to respond quickly to changing technology and client’s needs and expectations.

So we’re here to help support, advise, train, mentor and coach accountants to START! running the practice they really want.

Who START! helps

We’re here to help ambitious accountants build better businesses and lifestyles not just for themselves but also for their clients:

  • Businesses who need better support – small, agile practices best suited to providing support to SMEs and OMBs
  • Commercially aware accountants who are or have worked on a bigger practice and believe they can do it better
  • Accountants moving from industry who want to improve the level of service. Applying the skills they have learnt in industry to help improve small businesses.
  • Those embracing the new age of tech and digitalisation of tax system

We’re here to help at every stage. From our academy programme, workshops, training, group masterminds, one-to-one coaching and strategy retreats.

Run the practice you want the way you want!

Our academy programme will guide new starters and those thinking about starting through the first months of their practice and the key areas they should focus on.

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