Why are you using all that software?

You wouldn’t back every horse in a race.
So why are you using all that software?

Diagnostax, The Gap, Clarity, Syft, Fathom, Float…

…I could go on, but you get the picture…

You’re keen to not ‘miss the boat’ so look at all the software that’s out there that can help you provide ‘advisory’ services to clients.

The result is you get overwhelm.

Your head spinning, listening to and trying to use too many products.

Stick with one or two, learn how to start using them, test them on yourself, trial them with a few of your favourite clients and then roll out the service.

Its not simple, requires commitment and work but it will be worth it.

I wouldn’t be without The Gap and Diagnostax, we don’t use these products perfectly, but they are very much central to our business.

So, make a decision, place your bets, and GO! …

…but not with all of them.

(By the way – what are advisory services?)

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