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Our Mastermind Group programme is designed to help you build the practice you really want.

The focus is on identifying your personal and business goals and setting actions to achieve these.

Specific focus will be on improving your business in five key areas:

  1. Systems and processes.
  2. The services you provide to clients.
  3. How you price your services.
  4. The type of clients you work with.
  5. The team you have around you.

By getting these fundamentals right we can help make big improvements in your business.


“It’s only in Mastermind Groups where you connect with people and you build a level of trust. What that really gives you is that camaraderie between a group of people that can affect change together.”

Gwilym Davies – Co-Founder of Diagnostax


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Every Mastermind Group has a strict limit of 8 members. The programme starts with a minimum commitment of 3 months,  the length of time it takes to really understand you, your business and and the milestones you want to achieve in both your professional and personal life.

Throughout the programme we will encourage you to share your successes and learnings with the Group. Each Group session will have a roadblock solving forum where others in the Group act as advisers, along with Mark, to solve your specific issues.

The Mastermind Group Format

Each group meets every two week via a scheduled Zoom conference call – and the meetings tend to last between 60 and 75 minutes.  At the initial meeting, Mark will introduce the 90 Day Action Plan explaining the format, content and different ways you can approach your plan.

The Action Plan is personal to each group member and records the goals you wish to achieve, the milestones to hit along the way – and the specific actions you want to commit to for reaching them.

Then, at every meeting, Mark begins by introducing a personal or business topic that matters to everyone present, providing some insights that might help members reflect on and improve mindsets and actions.

This is followed by the roadblock solving forum. By prior agreement, two members forward to the group any issues or obstacles they are experiencing from their Action Plan. Then, during the meeting, the group take the opportunity to discuss and suggest solutions those members feel comfortable to work on. Focus rotates every two weeks, with the aim of everyone taking at least one turn in the chair during the 3 month schedule.

Our last meeting of the 3 month period is longer, lasting up to 2 hours 20 minutes. At this review meeting, we each discuss how we have performed, and the challenges and successes we have experienced.

Over the course of the Group, members grow strong relationships and support each other through the programme. However, this is no warm and fluffy coaching forum – there is tight accountability (and consequences for in-action!!).

We want you to get the results you want.

“The best thing is the ability to share with your peers”

Mike Almandras – Empowered Finance


The cost of membership to the Mastermind Group is £150 (+VAT) per month.

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Our guarantee to you – if you implement the concepts and ideas you commit to and don’t get at least a 5 times return on your investment we will give you your money back!


Testimonial from Carrie Stokes from Spotlight Accounting




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