Why do I need a coach?

Running your own practice can be a lonely place. You can feel unsupported, spending little time working on your business and trapped in the day to day technical aspects. My coaching service provides you with increased accountability and support so that you achieve the results you want from your practice. The outcomes can include improved systems and processes, better understanding of the right clients and services for your practice, better pricing, a stronger team and improved communication across your business.

I’m in your position as well, running my own practice means I have a great understanding of what you’re facing and what you’re trying to build. This means I can offer relevant insight, advice and support drawing on my real experiences and those of other practitioners I work with.

What is involved?

This coaching programme consists of either monthly or quarterly sessions, as well as phone and email support. The purpose of each session is to review your actual results, clarify areas where you can improve your business performance, set 90 day goals and identify strategies to achieve them. Our first session together will usually be longer than the others, allowing us to go into more detail about your practice, where you are, your vision and goals for the future and the opportunities and vulnerabilities you have.

As a result of each session, you will develop a realistic 90 Day Action Plan with timelines to keep you on track to achieve your goals. You will have access to our expertise and resources to enable you to implement best business practice.

When should I have a session?

Ideally, we will have a telephone call or video conference to discuss your current position and work out the best time to get started. We can start programmes almost straight away or at some point in the future when you’re ready.

Our coaching programmes require a minimum 12 month commitment. By getting a better understanding of you, over a period of time we’re able to develop and see through a programme which brings real benefits to you and your business.

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