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How to deliver the service your clients deserve?

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During Covid-19 many accountants have gone above and beyond, really delivering for their clients and the larger business community.

Providing updates on the government support available.

Helping prepare cash flows and make funding applications.

Preparing and submitting job retention scheme claims.

And much more.

And many accountants didn’t charge as much as they should have or in some cases at all.

Empathy and caring for clients had a massive impact on this.

But now as we emerge from lockdown and businesses start to pick up and in many cases flourish, how can we now make sure our clients continue to listen closely to what we do.

And how can we make sure we deliver the services they need to get through the next 12-24 months will be incredible.

And without blowing ourselves apart in the process!

On the webinar

  • On this webinar, I will share with you the ideas that have worked for us and what we plan to do going forward.
  • I’ll show you the key tools which have been vital for this and how we’ve used them to provide real value for clients.
  • I’ll outline our plans for the future and how we will deliver even more value.

This webinar is free and on-demand so as soon as you sign up you can watch it.

Mark Telford, Start Accountants


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Who am I?

I help accountants to build better practices. To run the practice they want, the way they want.

I’m an Award-Winning Chartered Accountant and I run my own accountancy practice; Telfords Chartered Accountants; and work with ambitious business owners to help them achieve their goals.

I founded Telfords Chartered Accountants as I could see that many small businesses were not getting the business support and advice they needed from their accountant. Regular financial and commercial support throughout the year is essential to help a business achieve the results the owners want.

By using cloud software from the very start we have been able to provide a year-round service which helps businesses be the best they can.

I have been using Xero since 2010 and we encourage all clients to use it as we believe it is the best accounting software to help them run their businesses.

I have now started working with other accountants to help them run a more profitable, efficient and enjoyable practice, providing a higher level of service to their clients. Drawing on the real-life experience, the ups and downs of running my own practice.

I believe that we as accountants now have a fantastic opportunity to run our own practices. The opportunities provided by technology and the digitalisation of the tax system are huge and mean that now, more so than ever before we can run our practices on our terms, how we want, when we want.

Mark Telford, Start Accountants

The webinar is on-demand so, as soon as you sign up you can watch it.

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