Are you an Award Winner?

Are you an Award Winner? If you are, congratulations! A question though… …is it a reward that really reflects how your business is performing and delivering for you… …are you able to enjoy the lifestyle you want… …spending time doing the things you love; with people you care about and not being stressed about money? …do you love your work, are you: earning enough not working too hard working with…  Read more

Belief Is Irresistible

Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike wrote this in his memoir Shoe Dog after describing the ease with which he could sell track shoes compared to his abject failure at selling encyclopedias. “Believing in what you do is essential to achieving the success you deserve. Yes, having belief alone won’t ensure success but without it you will really struggle. Combine belief with a great business idea then that truly can…  Read more

Why Would I Want To Coach Accountants?

I run a successful and award-winning accountancy practice. I’ve created a great work/life balance and am in the fortunate position of being able to earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle I want and have enough time to do what I want with the people I care about. I’m also far less stressed than I ever have been before. So why would I want to start coaching accountants? They’re the competition…  Read more

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