Why Would I Want To Coach Accountants?

I run a successful and award-winning accountancy practice. I’ve created a great work/life balance and am in the fortunate position of being able to earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle I want and have enough time to do what I want with the people I care about. I’m also far less stressed than I ever have been before.

So why would I want to start coaching accountants?

They’re the competition – right??


Running a business is hard work – product/service development, production, sales, marketing, HR, administration and finance.

And on top of that managing the whole process on a day to day basis and then having to find the time to plan the strategy and direction for the business as a whole. For many businesses the owner is trying to keep all these plates spinning by his or herself.

If we as accountants can improve the level of support and advice provided to business owners to help them make more money, pay less tax and enjoy a better lifestyle – how great is that? Having a positive impact on so many business owners and their families.

So, no I don’t see other accountants as competition. I see them as other professionals on a similar journey to me. Together if we collaborate, share information and experiences we can have a positive impact by raising the level of service provided to businesses as a whole.

If I look back to 2012 when I started my practice and again to 2017 when I made fundamental changes; which had a hugely positive impact, there was a lack of support available from a credible source. One that could speak with authenticity, one that had and was still facing many of the issues that I was facing.

Someone who was ‘walking the walk’, not someone who had been on a course with ‘cut and paste’ ideas from a variety of sources, who then tried to sell a service without really knowing whether it would work and not really knowing if it was what was needed.

From speaking with other accountants running small practices over the past 10 years I know that there is still a lack of guidance, support, advice, mentoring and coaching being delivered by others who have been in their shoes.

I recognised that there was a real need for accountants to receive the advice and support I would have welcomed in 2012 and 2017.

So that’s what I have decided to do.

Core Purpose

To help build better businesses and lifestyles for ambitious business owners.

Brand Promise

To work with accountants to enable them to run the practice they want, the way they want.

Enable accountants to deliver the level of service their clients need and deserve.

To have a positive impact on thousands of business owners and their families and not just the hundreds by running my own practice.

This isn’t all hot air or what I’d prefer to call bullshit. Its reality that I’ve managed to grow a successful accountancy business which has had a positive impact for my clients.

I now want to help other accountants achieve the same and more.

And right now, in 2019 there has never been a better time to start an accountancy practice. For ambitious, commercial and tech savvy accountants there is a huge opportunity which has been increased by the speed of advancements in cloud technology and the digitalisation of the tax system.

Accountants who embrace this change and deliver a 21st century level of service to business owners will thrive. Accountants who are reluctant to move away from their old traditional ways of working – desktop software, once a year service will struggle.

So if you’re an accountant thinking about starting your own practice, or if you’re already running your own practice and feel like you need a helping hand to get it back on track, get in touch I’ll be happy to help.  

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