Belief Is Irresistible

Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike wrote this in his memoir Shoe Dog after describing the ease with which he could sell track shoes compared to his abject failure at selling encyclopedias.

“Believing in what you do is essential to achieving the success you deserve. Yes, having belief alone won’t ensure success but without it you will really struggle.

Combine belief with a great business idea then that truly can be irresistible.”

I see, speak to and read about so many accountants struggling to achieve the success they want, the success they think they deserve. Struggling to have the business and lifestyle they want.

It’s because they lack belief.

They don’t win the clients they want because deep down they don’t think they have enough to offer them.

They don’t charge the fees they think they deserve to be paid because deep down they don’t think their work is worth it.

They can’t get their clients to buy the ‘advisory’ services they try to sell because deep down they don’t believe their clients need them.

They don’t achieve the work/life balance they want because they don’t believe it’s possible.

All of these and much more are possible if you believe it is, if you believe in what you are doing.

If you believe you come across as authentic, as credible and not as insincere, unconvincing or lacking confidence.

Demonstrate the true value of the work you do, and clients will pay the fees you want to charge, they will believe it’s worth it.

Demonstrate the true need for the services you offer to clients, offer a solution to solve their problems and they will believe.

Believe that you can earn enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Believe that you can have enough time to do the things you enjoy with the people you care about.

Believe that you can be less stressed, enjoy work more, sleep more easily not worried about cash flow or workload.

Combine belief with a plan, a vision and clear goals and so much more is possible.

Belief truly is irresistible.

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