What’s the rush?

As accountants we are never ever in the position where we finish work for the day and say “great, I’ve completed everything, all up to date, nothing left to do”.

Which is one of the reasons we tend to work a little later before going home or open up the laptop in the evening once the kids are in bed. Or catching up with work at the weekend.

The nature of our work means there is always something to do.

But often it can wait.

It’s usually us assuming clients need it doing now, ASAP!

When in fact its often us setting those deadlines!

Completing accounts 3 months after the year end.

Which means we stay late to finish.

Why don’t we ask clients when they want those accounts?

If there’s no rush, why stay late?

Far too often we put our own deadlines on when work needs to be done by, which puts undue pressure on ourselves.

Speaking to our clients and finding out when work needs to be done by can mean we can go home early and do what WE want to do.

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