The problems we all face

Most accountants face the same problems at some point in the life of their accountancy business. These problems appear to be, one, two or all three of:

  • Not earning enough
  • Working too hard
  • Not doing enough of the ‘right’ work

These problems are symptoms of deeper underlying issues.

Not earning enough can be the symptom of:

  • Not having enough clients
  • Not charging enough
  • Not working efficiently
  • Senior team members (usually the owner!) doing low level/low fee work
  • Not doing enough high value work
  • Being too busy with ‘work’ which means not enough time spent speaking to existing clients and prospects

In fact, some of these issues can be related back to working too hard and not doing enough of the right work.

To really understand your problems, ask better questions to understand what they are.

This is where our Mastermind groups are great.

Members are able to share their problems and get input and advice from other members who may be facing the same issues or have overcome them.

So instead of struggling on alone you can make real breakthroughs quicker.

If you’d like to find out more about joining one of our Mastermind groups or working with me on a 1-2-1 basis please get in touch.

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