Stop chasing it, it won’t make you happy

Stop chasing a “…£1million turnover, 40% profit, working 3 days a week business…” – it won’t make you happy.

Far too often we see headlines which ‘appear’ attractive and therefore worth chasing.

But in reality are not what we want and so we waste time, effort and money trying to achieve something we don’t ‘really’ want.

Spend some time visualising what it is you really want – personally…

…and I bet it isn’t ‘really’ a “…£1million turnover, 40% profit, working 3 days a week business…”

Be honest with yourself and spend time trying to work it out.

For me its about having time to do the things I enjoy, spend time with people I care about and not worry about money.

Working 3 days a week may be what you want – but more important is what that always you to do personally.

£1million turnover…a vanity metric. You could be far happier personally with a much lower figure (I am).

40% profit – a measure someone else is trying to force on you?? The figure you want could be higher or lower.

Work out what you want.

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