Stick to what you’re good at

It’s very easy to get distracted by the messages we see and hear, especially on social media.

‘Great’ new software which we should be using in our businesses.

‘Advisory’ services that are a ‘must have’ for clients.

So called ‘success stories’ of accountants who have introduced new services and transformed their businesses.

All the above could be great. But if it doesn’t fit within your businesses, doesn’t add to what you’re already doing or is not the direction you want to go in.

Don’t do it.

Stick to what you’re good at.


Cash flow forecasting tools…

…we’ve prepared one 12 month cash flow forecast in the last 12 months for a client – and that was to support a CBILs application.

No other clients have wanted or needed one. For us, there are much easier ways to manage real cash flow.

And after all, how accurate would a 12-month forecast have been prepared in the last 12 months???

The focus in our practice has been centred on:

  • Regular contact with client
  • Delivering the services we’re good at and clients benefit from*
  • Consistently reviewing and improving our processes and communication


So rather than waste your time looking for the next ‘silver bullet’, focus on what you’re good at.

Focus on what’s helped you get this far, refining and improving that will be a much better use of your time and effort.

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