Consistency is key

How often do we sign up for new software, have great ideas for our new marketing campaign, running webinars, email newsletters…? …only to run out of steam, get busy with other things… …and stop. Cancel the software subscription (or worse still, carry on paying for while not using it!)… …post 3 blogs in one week…and then stop. …post twice a day or more on social media every day for 2…  Read more

Stick to what you’re good at

It’s very easy to get distracted by the messages we see and hear, especially on social media. ‘Great’ new software which we should be using in our businesses. ‘Advisory’ services that are a ‘must have’ for clients. So called ‘success stories’ of accountants who have introduced new services and transformed their businesses. All the above could be great. But if it doesn’t fit within your businesses, doesn’t add to what…  Read more

Keep up the great work

As we start to emerge from lockdown again in the UK it’s a chance for us accountants and bookkeepers to refocus on what business is going to be like for our clients and how we can support them. Like many others, in our practice we have really ‘upped our game’ in the last 12 months. It’s something I want us to improve on even further so that it becomes the…  Read more

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