Do you ever measure how productive your time spent is?

Are you spending too much time in areas of your business that aren’t productive?

What about marketing?

Coming back to work after a holiday this summer where I didn’t go on social media or look at work emails once I realised that I’d been wasting my time.

That’s time spent on social media – LinkedIn and Facebook.

Wasting effort on marketing in those areas.

A 10-day break from social media had made no difference at all!

Compared to email marketing where 45 minutes of effort to create content for an email campaign has directly resulted in new leads which should convert into £5-£8,000 of annual fees.


So, use your time wisely.

Review where you get the best return for time and effort invested.

Not just marketing but with client types, types of services you provide…

…in fact, every area of your business could probably be improved with a productivity review.


Finding out what other accountants have done and are doing to overcome these types of issues is central to what we do in our Accountants Mastermind Groups and 1-2-1 coaching. Getting input from your peers to your very real issues, problems, dilemmas is a great way to give you the confidence to move your business forward.

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