Using technology for YOUR benefit and not the software vendors

If you’ve read my e-book, heard me speak or seen some of my postings on LinkedIn, you’ll know I’m a fan of technology and how it can make our lives easier and enable us to provide a far higher level of service to clients.

If you’re a user of Xero or Quickbooks Online you will know there are a huge number of business applications which can be linked to these software packages to improve efficiency, business operations and profitability.

Xero In The Cloud

Don’t fall into app overload

You need to have an understanding of the apps that are out there, but just be careful that you don’t fall into app overload and take out so many subscriptions you lose focus on what it is you’re really trying to achieve.

Find out what are the essential apps which you think most businesses will find useful – AutoEntry, Receipt Bank or Hubdoc for automated data entry being the obvious ones.

But don’t get sucked into using unnecessary products just because it’s being sold as ‘the must have tool for accountants’.

When evaluating software and working out whether its worth paying for, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Will it help me get the work done quicker
  2. Will it improve the services we currently provide to clients
  3. Will it allow us to introduce new services to clients that they need, want or may be interested in.


Reporting software sector is the easiest area to get sucked into here

I have wasted a huge amount of time trialling and then using software for up to 6 months before ditching it as an unnecessary cost which added no value. The ‘advisory’ reporting software sector is the easiest area to get sucked into here, in a lot of instances the cost v value analysis just doesn’t stack up.

Don’t fall into the ‘January gym subscription’ trap and pay for a subscription with the best intentions, only to rarely use it and carry on paying for it unnecessarily.

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