Articulate Your Value with The Gap Portal

Join me on a training sprint through the key concepts that will enable you to deliver greater value to your clients This insightful podcast includes an on screen walk-thru, as The Gap portal co founder Mark Jenkins and I (admirably moderated by Sue Spooner) look at the subject of how to Articulate Your Value to clients. This training sprint will take you through a number of the key ‘bridges’ of…  Read more

No niche required: Startup practices should not niche

Practice owner Mark Telford does not buy into the niche hype and here is why. For anyone starting an accounting practice from scratch, and I’ve done it, there are a number of dos and don’ts that I would recommend. Fairly high up on this list is a favourite topic of mine – niching. Despite what the gurus may tell you: DO NOT NICHE! That’s in capitals as I feel strongly about…  Read more

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