The problems we all face

Most accountants face the same problems at some point in the life of their accountancy business. These problems appear to be, one, two or all three of: Not earning enough Working too hard Not doing enough of the ‘right’ work These problems are symptoms of deeper underlying issues. Not earning enough can be the symptom of: Not having enough clients Not charging enough Not working efficiently Senior team members (usually…  Read more

Is a fear of failure holding you back?

When I was 8 years old I got stuck at the top of a tree, I’d climbed too high and couldn’t get down. I froze. I’d looked down, seen how high it was and just froze. All my friends had climbed the same tree, just as high, and had managed to get back down. I couldn’t, the fear of not being able to get down safely stopped me moving. One…  Read more

Are you Happy with the Prices you Charge?

Do your prices reflect the value you provide to clients? If you’re working at or close to capacity, whether it’s just you or if you have a team, are your profits at a level you’re happy with? Do you review your prices regularly? Do you have a process to distinguish between simple queries which should be free and more complex matters which need to charge for? Are your fee proposals…  Read more

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