So many mistakes and misunderstandings happen because of poor communication.

A phone call that was never returned, a poorly worded email, even just ‘assuming’ that someone ‘knows’ what you want and by when.

How often do we berate clients to others because they never reply to emails?

Well, is email the best way to contact that client?

Maybe they’re out working all day, busy getting stuff done.

When they do stop and open their email it’s a wall of messages, mostly spam and circulars and it’s difficult to spot the important ones.

And they’ve just got home, they’re tired and want to spend time with their family, or maybe sending quotes and invoices, or paying suppliers.

A phone call, text or WhatsApp message might be a much better way to get in touch with this client.
So rather than rely on the comfort blanket of emails, try a different approach and encourage your team to do the same.

We’ve adopted a ‘two e-mails, then a phone call’ approach and it’s made a big difference to the response times.

Also try adding URGENT! Into the subject line of an email – I’ve found this works really well!!

I’ve been talking about client communication here but the same applies to prospects, team members, and suppliers. Think about how you could communicate differently to get a better response.

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