Brand promise – do you have one?

Or is it just ‘marketing speak’ which is just fluffy stuff which doesn’t really mean anything?

This is what I use to think.

But when you really dig down into it and spend time understanding what it really means it makes perfect sense.

And perfect sense to work out what yours is and articulate it to your team, your clients and the business world in general – all your prospects out there waiting to see or hear the right message from you.

At Start Accountants our brand promise is to work with accountants to help them run the practice they want, the way they want.

To enable accountants to deliver the level of service their clients need and deserve.

To have a positive impact on thousands of business owners and their families and not just the hundreds by running my own practice.

This isn’t hot air or what I prefer to call bullshit. It’s the reality that I’ve used to grow my own successful accountancy business which is having a positive impact four our clients.

I now want to help other accountants to achieve the same.

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