Core Values



Continuous improvement



The core values of both of my businesses.


These are the values that I look to live by every day and encourage my team to do the same.

These aren’t empty fluffy words just stuck on our website to look or sound good, they have real meaning.

You’ll also notice I’ve deliberately avoiding words such as ‘kindness’, ‘loyalty’, ‘honesty’.

Because these are values which should be there already. I’m not interested in working with anyone who doesn’t have the values of a good person.


Congruence is our fifth core value.

What does it mean to us?

Its to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

We don’t sell services to clients because we’ve bought a product and are now pushing it out to all our clients.

We only recommend services to clients that we believe they need and that we know work because we’ve either benefited from these services ourselves or have worked with other clients who have benefited from them.


The same applies to core values.

Don’t just get some because you’ve been told you need them.

Get them because you live and work to these values and want your team to as well. I’ve done this, after being very sceptical about the need or benefit.

I’m so glad I did.

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